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  • Post 33: Whether He Knows It or Not, President Trump Has Given DACA a Chance to Survive

September 15, 2017: Politics Means Politics


  • Post 32: “The Poorest of the Poor”- The Relationship Between Poverty and White Nationalism 

September 6, 2017: The Humanist


  • Post 30: The Use of Federal Gang Injunctions Can Prevent the Next Charlottesville

September 6, 2017: Politics Means Politics1-d866k1LXi2A5vfyjO8mZJA

  • Post 14: The Courage of San Francisco 49ers Linebacker NaVorro Bowman

September 3, 2017: The Hit Job

Hit Job

  • Post 31: Steve Bannon’s Post White House Agenda- A Crusade for Ethnocentric Populism

August 24, 2017: International Policy Digest

Int Policy Digest

August 23, 2017: Politics Means Politics


  • Post 29: North Korea’s Goal is Survival, But the US Must Offer the Kim Regime Another Path to its Objective

August 16, 2017: Foreign Policy News

  •  Post 25: The Lesson of the San Antonio Smuggling Case: The US Needs Immigration Reform

August 4, 2017: The Migrationist


  • Post 21: Mosul After Liberation: A Plan to Rebuild the Ancient City and Ensure US National Security

July 13, 2017: Politics Means Politics


  • Post 15: Food Subsidies and National Security: How President Trump’s Cuts to SNAP Can Lead to Instability

July 11, 2017: Indivisible Movement


  • Post 20: Cyberwarfare and North Korea: A 21st Century Approach to Kim Jong-un’s Missile Program

July 5, 2017: Indivisible Movement          


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