Hello everyone. My name is Aaron Robles and welcome to my website 832webster.com. It it a pleasure to have you here and to share my thoughts on politics, culture and many topics in between.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is ‘832 Webster’? Well, at one point it was the name of a football play run by a high school team in Santa Cruz California. The play sent the Fullback running with the ball into the center of the defense. It was not only effective, but informative of the opposing defense’s strategy because the Fullback could take note of the opposing players and environment around him.

In similar fashion, this blog navigates the center point of ideological thought, takes note of the efficacy of competing societal perspectives and attempts to offer a balanced and centered viewpoint.

 photo 1338c1ba-7977-4a06-919c-560ef82e4a62_zpstbfnjvdw.jpg
(Elaine Thompson, AP photos).

As for me, I am a teacher and graduate student living in Oakland, California. Please click on one of my social media links to learn more and connect. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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